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Being on Viagra at the Gym by Justin J.

We received an e-mail from Justin who pulled a prank on one of his friends and found it so funny we decided to post it on it's own page. We were asked to blur the faces of the pics but it's a great laugh, Check it out:

For years, ever since high school in fact, my close friend Marc and I have been pulling practical jokes on one another. It started with me saran wrapping his toilet. It just annoyed me that his rich parents could afford to give him a huge room with his own private bathroom where as I had to share one toilet with my whole household. As we get older, and supposedly more “mature”, the jokes don’t happen as often, but they do get better,

The day we were working in an oilfield camp and Marc rubbed bacon fat inside my hard hat was the last straw. The black flies almost drove me to insanity; I swear I needed a cold shower to calm me down.

That was 4 years ago. My time finally arrived with a discovery I really didn’t want to discover. I found out that warm summer day my father was using Viagra, no wonder he was all excited the day he made me wait an hour in the car while he was getting a check up with the urologist and another 10 minutes outside the pharmacy. He told me he was going to buy some aspirin, yeah right, little did I know he went to buy viagra . Anyway, it was a two folded problem; first I discovered my parents were still doing “it”, and that my father needed assistance! Was this my fate? Then the idea hit me, my discovery was all of a sudden dismissed from my cranium, time to get Marc back with the prank of all pranks! I knew Marc had tried viagra before because I recall him telling me about getting a sample pack from his Doctor and having the best weekend with one of his ex-girls! So this was going to be perfect.

On top of Marc’s regular job, he is also a gym instructor at a local city gym. He has always been a health nut and is very fit, with a physique that really draws women to him. So with vitamin therapy, and his 3 day a week training with these young women, he maintains that physique. I'm sure this is the reason he has so many women taking his class.

My idea? Slip in the Viagra I swiped from my Dad’s bottle into one of Marc’s collection of vitamins he takes 3 times a day. He sets them all out a few days in advance into these little containers he keeps on his kitchen counter. If I could just figure out which one he takes before he goes to the gym, nature would simply take care of the rest, luckly he just opens the little container the pills are in and downs them usually without looking (I have seen him do it a few times), so this was perfect and he won't even notice the little blue viagra pill. This horny bastard was finally going to get his.

vitamins in handEvery now and again I’ll go to the gym with Marc to use the pool while he’s instructing. I made plans to meet him at his condo and go to the gym together. As predicted, he had his little stash of vitamins sitting there waiting to be taken. While his back was turned I simply dropped the Viagra into the collection. With his glass of juice, he dumped the contents of the little collection into his mouth and washed them all down. There was no turning back. Now we playing the waiting game.

What happened next was the best prank I ever pulled on him. When it was all over I got him to tell his side of the story after he un-knowingly took the pill and went to the gym. I told him I was going to submit the prank to comedy and ED sites like EDguider.com and Zug.com, after all he is a good sport so I am including his version below:



I always enjoy when Justin joins me to go to the gym. This time he met me at my place for the 20 minute drive to the gym. Next door is a place that will prepare you an energy drink or juice. We stopped there to have one since class didn’t start for another 40 minutes, time enough to have our drinks then get changed.

The waitress at this juice shop is drop dead gorgeous, and as I was telling Justin how I would love to have her in my  class, he was just sitting with the biggest shit eating grin. As we were sitting there drinking our bevy and enjoying Julie waiting tables, I just couldn’t help but wonder what the hell Justin was grinning about.

Just as we were finishing our drinks discussing our work out I was interrupted by a stirring, usually a welcome stirring, but a stirring nonetheless. Hello, this is a little more than a stirring, what the hell. I’ve watched Julie wait tables for weeks, and she definitely turns me on, but have a full fledged boner coming on and my jeans are starting to disagree with confinement issue. Justin is now standing ready to go, but I’ve got an issue of display I really don’t want to display. Okay Marc, think of something unpleasant, oh this always works, “Roseanne Barr naked”. What!? Harder? No way! Holy hell, well I’ll just stand up with my gym bag in front of me, which will take care of the display problem, but what the hell. Just then Justin asked me if I was okay, “want me to carry your bag?” he asks. Nooo way, that’s okay thanks.

By the time we get to the locker room, things have simmered down some, but my one manned army was just at ease waiting to jump to attention. Jesus, I never been desperate for a woman before, but I feel like a damned teenager without out the pimples. Well in the locker room with men I should be okay, I’ll just focus on my locker number and I should be fine. Why does Justin keep asking me if I’m okay, do I look that distraught?

Right about then Justin tells me that he’s kind of tired all of a sudden and will skip the pool, maybe he’ll just hang around and watch me teach. All right then, let’s go. Everything now is getting back to normal, dressed in my muscle shirt, and tights, yeah you heard me correctly "TIGHTS"!!!!! we stride out of the locker room.

As we round the corner into the main area of the facility my students are there warming up and stretching. Not again, my soldier is right there at attention again trying to stretch out and actually have a look! I do an about face back to the locker room to get a towel or something, there is no hiding this in these damned TIGHTS!

Coming back out with the towel held in front of me, I call the class to attention. Looks like Justin is enjoying watching the girls, as am I it turns out. Shit, I am actually considering cancelling, this has never happened to me, but now watching all these ladies in tight clothing is almost more than I can take.

Normally I lead the warm up actually doing the stretching along with the class which is not an option at this point. I’m actually trying to picture puppies being run over by a car at this point, trying anything to change the focus in my goddamned pants. I fake a mild injury to my ribs so I don’t have to do the warm up. As I call out the exercise I’m walking around trying to tame the beast in my pants. If I start thinking about anything worse than puppies I may start crying, which is all I need at this point. Concerned women coming up and putting their arms around me wouldn’t be a good idea. At this point I new something was up because it felt just like that time I tried Viagra with an ex-girlfriend.

Once the warm up is complete I divide the women into groups and send them off to their stations. Making the rounds to make sure everyone is sticking to their routines all the while trying to look natural with this towel in front of me. All these women working out in front of me is almost more than I can handle. I am so goddamned hard at this point I’m worried I may run out of skin, I don’t think that would be pretty. Jesus, even that thought is having no affect. I’ve got to get the hell out of here!

At that point Justin walks up behind me to inform me that he spilled his water bottle on one of the mats, can he have my towel to soak it up? What? Get out of here, and wipe that smile off your face. I could probably whack it off with this boner but I might kill him. I think I could cut diamonds at this point.

Justin tells me I looked stressed, does he want me to help with some of the work stations? At this point I do need help, I’m actually sweating. I reach behind the towel to make some adjustments and damn, I could play baseball with this thing. I look around and Justin is in fact going around to the stations, but instead of pointers, he seems to be telling them all a joke because there laughing. Well as long as he’s helping. I need to sit down, since Justin is taking over I go find a chair.

As I’m sitting there with the towel in my lap trying to think of the ugliest person I know naked, or being hit by a bus, anything to get rid of the raging stiffy, Justin leads the class up to where I’m sitting. He lines up all the girls and asks if they are ready, at that time they all sing out, “How is the Viagra working?” Justin actually falls over laughing! Then they call out, “He slipped it in with your vitamins!” The realization hits me, you f***r Justin! By now the whole class is stitches; Justin has actually left to go to the bathroom before he pisses himself.

Sitting there realizing I had been had, what do I have to loose? I stood up, let the towel drop and walked out!

It’s been two weeks now, and I finally worked up the courage to ask Julie out. Don’t need Viagra with that girl. By the way, Justin and I have agreed to stop the practical jokes now, because with that last one I could have been either slapped in the face or raped. Neither option was appealing.

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