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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 07:11

spray bottle psd502The new spray for PE almost ready (PSD502 Tempe)

Could this be the next big thing to Viagra ? Not for Erectile Dysfunction but for men suffering from PE? This new treatment called PSD502 aka “Tempe spray” is the newest product undergoing studies for treating premature ejaculation in men, it contains lidocaine and prilocaine. It has been in clinical trails for some time now but it is close to being approved. Currently the European Phase III and the US FDA Phase III have been completed and the manufactures believe that it could be approved by the year 2010, but currently it is not available to the public, more clinical trials are still underway.


Does PSD502 Tempe Spray actually work?
According to a recent study lead by Plethora Solutions of London, 256 patients tested the product and the results were well in favor of spray. Two thirds of the participants were give the PSD502 spray and others were given a placebo. Results showed that the men who tired the spray lasted an average of 2.6 minutes and the ones who used the placebo were only able to go for about 0.8 minutes. The study went on for over 3 months, both men and women mentioned much better sexual activity and overall satisfaction, plus no serious side effects were reported

When will I be able to buy PSD502 Tempe Spray?
As mentioned above, it is still undergoing clinical trials but they are almost complete. The manufactures are claiming it could be ready by next year (2010) and then made available to the public. It is still unclear on when and where men can buy the PSD502 Tempe spray, most likely will be carried by local pharmacies and perhaps be available for purchase online.

What are the current available treatments for Premature Ejaculation?
There are currently a few creams and sprays available for men to use and you can find them and buy them online. A good place to start is Amazon.com, you can type in “Prematue Ejaculation” in the search bar and it will display an array of products and books. A few good creams and sprays to look for are:


 stamina spray for men  stud 100 spray  performax condoms mandelay pe cream

1) Mandelay Cream (over the counter cream that contains benzocaine)
2) Stud 100 (A desensitizing spray for men that contains Lidocaine)
3) Durex Performax Condoms (each condom contains a climx control lubricant)
4) Body Action Stamina Spray (active ingredient is 5% of Benzocaine.)

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