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Tuesday, 23 March 2010 07:00

man at a bar with womenSex and Gender Gap

Director of the Program in Integrative Sexual Medicine at the University of Chicago, Stacy Tessler Lindau, told LiveScience that men have a longer sexual life span than women, even though women live longer.

Some of the findings from her research is troubling however. About 2 thirds of the men having sex after 75 report their sex lives satisfying, compared to the woman who only report half are having satisfying sex.


Other strange statistics also appear. In the 2005 and 2006 survey men reported that later in life their interest in sex was significantly more than men who took the survey 10 years ago. Women in the same situation reported no change from 10 years ago. Could this be a pharmaceutical reason? Viagra wasn’t approved by the FDA until late March of 1998, which was almost 3 years after the initial survey.

Can this be more than a coincidence?
Because very few studies into the connection between aging and sex have been conducted, Lindau and her research team surveyed 6000 thousand men and women. This research was done in two groups of 3000, one of 25 to 74 year olds, and another of 57 to 86 year olds. The data was collected from a series of questions about their sexual activity, desire, satisfaction, as well as their over all health.

The first bit of data showed that women from the age of 55 have about 10 years of sexual activity left a head of them while men in at the same age have 15 years more to look forward to. Lindau adds “Overall, men were more likely than women to be sexually active, to report a good quality sex life, and to be interested and thinking about sex on a regular basis.”

wopman at bar with menPeople in good to excellent health reported that they were almost twice as likely to be interested in sex as people in poor to fair health. The men in this group could also look forward to another five to seven years of more sexual life expectancy and 3 to six years in women. In middle age, it was also reported that two thirds of men and women reported good quality sex.

There was a gender gap however as the ages started to increase. For women aged 30, they can expect up to 31 years more of sexual activity and 50 years more of life, men of the same age can expect 35 years more sexual activity, but only 45 years more of life. Broken down, women after 30 will spend 61% of life having sex, and men 78%.

As we get older, the gap only increases. 40% of men 75 and older are sexually active compared to just 17% for women. This reason is mainly because women outlive their partners. The gap actually disappears when men and women in this age group still have partners.

Some other questions arise which maybe a contribution from the pharmaceutical side of things as women late in life only report that sex was only good that were having sex as compared to the men who reported it very satisfying.

Women just haven’t seen any break through in medicine to help them like men have found with ED medicine which was first targeted at middle aged men.


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