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Thread: Taking Melatonin is helping my erections

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    Default Taking Melatonin is helping my erections

    Wanted to come back to post some positive reviews for Melatonin, yeah I know it is not for Erectile dysfunction but it is helping my erections. Have been taking it every night before going to bed, 2mg I think, and it is giving me morning erections almost every time.

    Also noticed when I masturbated today that my erections was at 100%. Going to keep taking it and post my review on actual sex and if I was able to maintain...

    Wish me luck fellas

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    Going to give melatonin a try. I have trouble sleeping anyways. I use to take melatonin when I was little and it always put me right to sleep. How many weeks exactly did it take for you to start seeing some erections in the morning? Hope this works..

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    Use to take it as well. Do remember it putting me to sleep very fast but no difference in erections? Do not understand how melatonin can improve your erections. That is not what it is meant for and it is not a libido enhancer.

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    Post melatonin and erections

    You are getting better erections because you are sleeping more soundly, this in turn helps release hgh which can produce more youthful hormones, and will intensify erections and sex drive.

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    Default need more sleep

    Tn is right. I always get erection on Sunday morning and could not figure out why. Well I sleep in until about 11am vs getting up at 7 every other morning to go to work? I can have sex without taking levitra on the weekends but during the week I need to take 20mg. It also has allot to do with stress I believe. never tried melatonin but might give it a shot.

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    Default Bull..

    BS!!!! I have been taking melatonin for years and still have Erectile Dysfunction. Melatonin has nothing to do with the blood flow so whatever you are feeling is not the melatonin kicking in.... Sorry to burst your balloon guys

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