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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 12:51

man standing infront of RexahnZoraxel Attacks Central Nervous System

The words erectile dysfunction pill and PDE-5 inhibitor are nearly synonymous. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all belong to this category of chemicals, which temporarily treat erectile dysfunction by affecting enzymes to increase genital blood flow. The newly trademarked impotence drug Zoraxel, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

Originally developed to increase antibiotic effectiveness, the active ingredient in Zoraxel has now been patented by Rexahn Pharmaceuticals for use against erectile dysfunction in men and as a libido improver in women. What makes Zoraxel different from its major competitors is that it effectively ignores the physical act of the erection and acts directly on the brain.


Zoraxel works by enhancing the effects that serotonin and dopamine have on the nucleus accumbens part of the brain. In layman's terms: Zoraxel works in a section of the brain that has a direct effect on the part of the nervous system that controls most body fluids, digestion and sexual arousal. The neurotransmitters involved, serotonin and dopamine, are believed to play pivotal roles in arousal, erection and orgasm, aside from their more general roles of promoting wellbeing - serotonin by elevating mood and dopamine by regulating the internal reward system.

Because of this, Zoraxel may be able to offer treatment for patients whose erectile dysfunction originates in trauma or emotional conflict. And because the method of treatment is so different from pills like Viagra, men who have been unsuccessful with currently available treatments may find that Zoraxel works for them. To top it off, there are virtually no known side-effects.


woman working on Zoraxel

Dr. Chang Ahn, Rexahn's Chief Executive Officer, believes that the future of impotence treatments lies in modifying the central nervous system, not in treating blood vessels in the penis itself.

"Zoraxel has the potential to be the first drug capable of this action and to establish a new standard of care for erectile dysfunction."

Rick Soni, President of Rexahn, chimed in, "We are very pleased to obtain this new US patent coverage for the neurotherapeutic treatment of sexual dysfunction, especially as we make progress in the development of Zoraxel, currently in Phase II trials for erectile dysfunction." Therein lies also the one known downside:

Zoraxel is currently in Phase II trials and will have to face Phase III trials before the drug reaches consumers. Exciting as this new drug is, safety and efficacy still need to be tested further.

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