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Tuesday, 09 June 2009 09:37

boston website previewCommon questions about the Boston Medical Group?

You might have hard about them on the radio, seen them in the back pages of a Men's magazine or even seen a commercial about the "Boston Medical Group". So what exactly is the BMG? What do they do for men? Those are very common questions guys ask in our Boston Medical Group Forum discussion thread, where John1967 is a moderator and and an expert when it comes to the BMG. For some guys PDE-5's like Viagra and Levitra do not work so they look for other alternatives and for those men Boston Medical Group is a great option for treatment. Today we are going to give men some insight on the BMG and what men can expect. Let's start with the most common questions:


What method does the BMG use and who are they?
They are a network of nationwide medical centers, staffed by doctors, that specifically treats Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Their first location was in Costa Mesa, CA but they now have 22 centers across the country, as well as numerous locations in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Australia. Their doctors specialize in The Boston Method®, their proprietary treatment program that uses a US patent to treat men’s sexual health. They emphasize that treating sexual dysfunction requires a personalized assessment and treatment program for each patient, rather than a one size fits all approach that is often overly simplistic and ineffective as a result.

Informational blog on Boston Medical Group

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Where have I seen or heard of them before?
Radio, TV, newspapers, and online. They do have allot of ads in many Men’s magazines, radio commercials and sometimes even billboards. You might of seen a commercial once before, we listed an example of one commercial found on YouTube below. These most likely will not air during primetime if a bill gets approved which calls for the banning of Erectile Dysfunction commercials during peak hours, which means no ED ads after about 10pm at night, maybe even later. We recently wrote a blog post about this check it out here and find out more about this bill.

Click here to see an old commercial of the Boston Medical Group

Facebook page for Boston Medical Group

Where can I find them?
As we mention above they are located in many parts of the world and in over 22 locations through out the United States. To find a location near you they have a locater on their website which you can see here (Find a BMG near you) or click on the map below.

Boston Medical Group Locations
What happens when I get there, is it discreet?
We have received several testimonials from men who have visited them and they describe it as discreet. John1967 has emphasized in many of his posts that Boston Medical Group has a very strong commitment to each patients’ privacy and confidentiality. In fact, each of their medical centers has individual waiting room for each patient, rather than the communal waiting room you find in most doctors’ offices. We have included a link below about what else you can expect when visiting one of their medical centers.

Click here to find out what you can expect when visiting the BMG

How Effective are they Treating ED?
Boston Medical Group routinely advertises that they have been successfully treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for over 10 years, and that they treated over 30,000 men last year alone. They have many patient testimonials on their website and elsewhere on the web, and their focus on personalized treatments specifically for these conditions is not something that you can find many other places.


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