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Tuesday, 01 September 2009 06:49

man with stop watch in handQuick and easy tips for stronger faster erections

Usually men are always looking for the fast way out or a quick simple solution to Erectile Dysfunction. The correct answer to this is not fast and does take a little investment of your time to help get those strong erections back you had when you where in your twenties. Not being able to get an erection can be caused by allot of different factors. Giving your doctor a visit is the most recommended step men should take when first approaching treating ED.

All three impotence medications Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are proven to help men achieve erections but today we are going to mention a few quick tips you can start doing right away to help improve your erections naturally.


Get some cardio done
Yep, running a few miles every day or even hitting the treadmill for 20 minutes will get your body the cardio it needs. This is very beneficial for blood flow and improving the overall sexual health. Most men do not realize the lack of exercise and obesity can be linked to erectile dysfunction. Jolting your daily routine and including some exercise in it can be one of the best things you can do to get those stronger erections.

man with basket of fruits and nutsGrab these important fruits and nuts
If you have not already searched our site for natural alternatives then give the search button on the top right corner of our website a try or check the Edguider blog section and look for our watermelon, pomegranate and nuts in the search bar. They have all been known to have very similar effects to Cialis or Viagra, well mostly the fruits but nuts are also great for your circulation. We just recently posted a great recipe about “pomegranates and watermelons have similar effects to Viagra ”. You might want to check it out and try getting as much of those two fruits included in your diet as possible.

Set your goals
Just like diet plans you should set yourself a few simple goals and a time frame. Let’s take 2 weeks for example. Write down in a small jornal or notepad the exercise routine you will be doing, diet you will be trying and how many times a week you will include the fruits mentioned above. Try to keep daily notes on your progress and after your 2 week experiment is completed see how you are waking up in the morning? Most of you guys know what morning wood is, so look for it and see if you get them more often that you use to.

Stop smoking and drinking in excess
This is obviously good for your general health but excess smoking and drinking can be a large contributor to erection issues and has been reported on several health sites. If you are a smoker, try to cut down or quit in general, if your sex life is failing due to your ED issues, than sacrificing smoking might be the start to getting your strong erections back.


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