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Friday, 16 October 2009 07:16

stent arterieA new study called Zen will research Stents for Erectile dysfunction

A company that produces medical devices named Medtronic has started a new study named “Zen” (according to Retures) which will research a possible treatment option for erectile dysfunction using stents. This is yet another study that will provide an alternative to men who do not benefit and have no success with popular impotence medications Viagra, Cialis and Levitra . The number of men who do not benefit from these medications range up to over 20 million and this new study could show hope for those who still have difficulty with ED.


What are stents and how is this done?
The link between coronary artery disease and erectile dysfunction has already been established by doctors and stent surgery may help ease Erectile Dysfunction. Coronary artery disease causes the arteries to become occluded and therefore blood does not flow correctly and is decreased. These stents are placed in a the arteries around the pelvic area to allow the arteries to open up and properly allow blood flow. One of the major factors in erectile dysfunction is decreased blood flow, which is what stents try to prevent. Doctors and researcher are still not clear on this stents system and the new study will attempt to determine this.

hand holing a stentThe new study will call upon 50 patients to research and will be done through out ten medical facilities over the next 365 days. Doctors are not sure if this type of surgery will be effective and safe and the only way to find out is to do this research. According to one Urologist from the Brigham hospital in Boston, this surgery might only help younger men who have suffered from pelvic or other injuries that decrease the blood flow.

It may not be concluded until 2011 and will primary investigate if the surgery is safe and beneficial for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It will be a very interesting study and might give hope to men who have had no success with other treatments or medications.


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