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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 12:57

vivus image in purpleAvanafil Meets All Trial Goals for Impotence Treatment

For the past year there has been an increasing amount of fresh news on the newly anticipated Erectile Dysfunction drug Avanafil. The drugs creator Vivus has been pushing it through all the stages necessary for FDA approval and its most recent study called REVIVE was passed with great results, sending their stock shares up over 4 percent.

The study consisted of over 650 men, all which have had erectile dysfunction in the past or currently suffer from impotence. The study also included a large amount of men which suffered from both Diabetes and ED. The trial lasted over 12 weeks in which some men where given placebos and other 100mg or 200mg pills of Avanafil. The results where measured by questioning the men on their experience during sexual encounters.


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Surprisingly most men had very positive feedback to report, as fare as side effects were concerned men reported much less than Avanafils competitors, Viagra , Levitra or Cialis. Some of the most common side effects they experience where headaches, sinus congestion and flushing.

The main goal that researchers reached with this trial was the time it took for Avanafil to work and how long it lasted. A large percentage of the men who participated in the trial report it working in as little as 15 minutes and feeling the effects for as long as 6 hours. This is very similar and can be put in comparison with Levitra.

what will avanafil look likeWhen will Avanafil be on the market?
It may still take some time for this new medication to reach the pharmacy shelves and even longer before you can find Avanafil online. Vivus still needs to conduct more Phase 3 trials such as a study to prove how effective this new drug is on men who has undergone radical prostatectomies. An extensive study into diabetic men and Avanafil also needs to be completed before getting the OK by proper authorities.

For the moment there are still 3 major competitors in the Erectile Dysfunction market in which Viagra has the lead with most sales worldwide. Vivus is hoping to add a fourth to compete with the top three. Vivus claims that Avanafil will offer men with another option that has fewer side effects and that can last longer than at least two of its competitors.

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