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Overweight and Obese Men with Erectile Dysfunction, What to Do?

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

Obesity is one of the faster growing epidemic society is facing today. And everyday we learn something bad about obesity, and yet it is growing at an alarming rate. Well one thing more to chalk up to obesity, erectile dysfunction.

obese and no erection

Not only is ED more common in obese men than men in good shape, their overall sexual health is at risk. Researchers at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, have found other startling issues in the obese population. More needs to be researched on this topic to know more, but the preliminary studies are eye opening.

Well over 12,000 men and women were studied by the French, ranging from normal weight to obese weight, ages 18 to 69, all living in France.

Here are some of the higher points that professors have documented:

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) had no bearing on sexual function in women
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases were about the same between normal weight women and obese women
  3. Obese women were much less likely to seek out advice about contraceptive methods than normal weight women
  4. 70% of obese women were less likely to use a contraceptive and 8 times less likely to use other means of less effective methods like pulling out.
  5. Even though obese women were 30% less likely to have sexual intercourse, they were 4 times higher at unplanned pregnancies than normal weight women.
  6. Meeting a partner on-line was 5 times greater for obese women than normal weight women, and that the partner they met would also be obese.

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man exersising with no ed

The more prevalent outcome for the obese men:

  1. The under the age of 30 obese men were more likely in the past five years to have contracted an STD (sexually transmitted disease)
  2. Age 30 to 49 of the obese men in most cases did not use a condom
  3. Sexual partners do not come easy for obese men as the were 70% less likely to have one
  4. And obese men were two and a half times more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction.
  5. Obese men were more likely to use ED medications, most common ones are Cialis then Viagra

Researchers included in their conclusion that it would seem the obesity problem is a snowball effect.

Here is a great article from Health.com, it has an instructional video, we embedded the video on what overweight men can start doing right away to reverse their erectile dysfunction:

ARTICLE: How Overweight Men Can Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

They need to understand the relationships between obese people and their sexual relationships, and attitudes towards those relationships. This will further help us understand the health risk associated with obesity, and maybe a tool towards educating the population about obesity. This same population also needs to learn that talking to a health care provider about your sexual inadequacies is a good thing. This may take a generation or two, and doctors also need to be ready for this swing towards opening up.

Obese and younger men tend to watch more online porn:

This subject is still very taboo, but many men have been known to be addicted to online porn, mostly younger and obese men. The fear of rejection and insecurity can force many obese men down the road of online porn. Men who are obese and addicted to online porn, must consider on taking two major steps in eliminating their erectile dysfunction, exercise and breaking the habit of online porn.

online porn can cause ED

Here is a good resource and guide on how to rid yourself of internet porn:

Can Internet Porn Cause Erectile Dysfunction ED in Men

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