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Sauerkraut a Aphrodisiac for Erectile Dysfunction

sauer kraut in a bowlFor those of you who do not know what Sauerkraut is, its a eastern European delicacy made of pickled cabbage? As a matter of fact, back in the early days before there were freezers people used sauerkraut to keep their meat fresh by stuffing it in barrels filled with Sauerkraut. Interestingly enough, there has been talk on a few websites (croatiantimes.com) that Sauerkraut might be a wonderful substitute for erectile dysfunction meds like Cialis and Viagra.

Allot of men are not aware that Sauerkraut aka pickled cabbage is a very powerful aphrodisiac which for men can help in the erectile dysfunction department. A recent book released by a Dr. Kazinic called “Nutrition of the 21st century” recommends sauerkraut and compares it to impotence meds such as Viagra. In her book she mentions eating cabbage 2 times ever day will increase men’s potency and give them stronger erections. Is it a permanent solution for Erectile dysfunction,? That’s debatable, but it sure is a good alternative to try for those men who like Sauerkraut.

For those of you who do not like Sauerkraut, here is a small list of 3 top Aphrodisiacs men should consider for erectile dysfunction:

1) Ginseng: Considered one of the best Chinese libido enhancers and one of the top selling herbs in the USA.

2) Yohimbe: Mostly found in Africa, this one is a tree that is grown in Nigeria and the Congo. It is popular in nutrition stores as a libido booster and is considered one of the best for ED.

3) L- Arginine: This one does not grow on tress and is not even an herb but an amino acid which produces nitric oxide. This opens up the blood vessels and helps blood flow correctly, which is needed to achieve and maintain and erection.

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