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The Top 5 Reasons for Mens Sexual Dysfunction

Mens top 5 sexual dysunfctionThere are more than 5 reasons men get erectile dysfunction but today we are going to mention 5 top physical and psychological reasons men get erectile dysfunction. The main cause of ED is the blood flow, in order for a man to sustain an erection it is very important to have the right blood flow in order for the penis to maintain and hold an erection. Keep in mind that male erectile problems are very complicated and can involve a number of issues such as emotions, anxiety, hormonal and medical issues, talking to your doctor for the exact cause is the only way to know.

number 1 iconDiabetes
Having high levels of blood sugar can slow down the blood flow and result in ED. As a matter of fact Erectile Dysfunction is very common among men who have diabetes and over 50% of Men with diabetes have it. Speaking with your doctor about treatment options is a good idea and many Diabetic men prefer Levitra, so asking your doctor if it’s the right med for you is a good start.

number 2 icon Smoking and Alcohol abuse:
Both of these can cause ED fast and doing them in excess is not recommended. Drinking alcohol can damage blood vessels as well as smoking. A good start to solving this is to quit drinking and smoking. You can talk to your doctor about a good way to stop smoking, there are prescription treatments such as champix that can help you quit.

number 2 iconHormone imbalances
HavingĀ  imbalances in your hormones can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction, it is not as common as other and can be due to several diseases such as liver disease, kidney conditions or a result of hormonal treatment for prostate cancer. Your doctor can determine in you have a hormone imbalance and is the correct person to talk to about this.

number 4 iconPelvic Trauma
The pelvic and Spinal region contain many nerves associated with providing proper blood flow to the penis and if you have suffered injuries in these areas then this can be causing ED. Any surgeries involving the prostate, bladed or rectum can cause some damage to these nerves and consulting your doctor if you have ED due to this is the best way to go. Kegel exercises can strengthen the pelvic area and might be a way to help your ED, do a search for Kegel Penis exercises on this blog and you will find several videos and ways to do them.

number 5 iconPsychological erectile dysfunction
Very common among both young an older men. Stress and anxiety can lead to Psychological impotence, many factors in life can lead to this. Constantly worrying about preforming for your partner can create a mental cycle of fear towards sex and this can result in loss of libido. We have several articles and posts on emotional and Psychological ED, causes and ways to treat it. They are different to physical causes and can often be treated without medications such as Viagra or Levitra. A good start to determine if you have Psychological causes are checking for morning erections, they can give you a good hint on if the problem is Psychological or physical.

These are just five causes of ED and more are known, to determine the exact cause check with your doctor, based on medical conditions in your past he can say why, when and what to do about your ED. Take a look at what you eat and the exercise you are getting, a change in diet and getting the right exercise can increase your blood flow and help you achieve stronger erections naturally without medications.

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