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Super Kegel Exerciser tool for Men can benefit your erections

Doing a search for “kegels” on this blog will give you a few good results, that’s because doing kegel exercises are very good for men and can improve their erections by strengthening the pelvic muscles. There are several ways to do Kegel exercises but today we are going to mention a tool we came across called the Super Kegel Exerciser and it helps you do kegel exercises correctly and efficiently. Do keep in mind that kegels are good for men and women, so you might want to let your wife in on this.


Let’s get some questions out of the way:

1) First what exactly are Kegel Exercises?
They were named after a doctor, Arnold Kegel and they consist of exercising the pelvic muscles to improve the strength in this area. For men it is very beneficial in terms of Erectile Dysfunction, by doing these exercises you are also relaxing the pelvic area and this may allow more blood to flow through. women can also benefit from it, more so pregnant women.

Check out kegels on wikipedia

2) What else can kegels do for men?
By strengthening your pelvic muscle you can also improve the control over your ejaculations. Yep, for all you guys out there that ejaculate a little to soon, doing these exercises could benefit you and help you control when it is time to let go. Be consistent and do a quick search on you tube where you will find several videos posted on how to do them. Here are a few more benefits kegels give:

  • Helps improve the bladder control
  • Can also relieve several back pain issues
  • Can improve your sexual functions
  • Strengthens all the muscles in your general pelvic area

3) So what is this Super Kegel Exerciser we are talking about?
It is a small tool that can help you do the kegel exercises correctly and can assist you in toning you pelvic area. Using it is also simple, all you have to do is place it between your thighs and position it to your comfort level. Their website does not provide allot of good information but when you order it you will also get a small book that explains how to use it step by step. You can get it at Verseo.com and it costs just under 30 bucks.


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