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How to tell if your husband has Erectile Dysfunction?

We do not get many women readers but for those women who think their men might be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction read on…..

It is very important for women to be supportive of men who have ED and not put them down or on the spot. This is a very difficult situation for guys, especially the very macho type of men. For a man to admit he has Erectile Dysfunction is not easy and confronting a man on this condition must be done with caution. There are several different reasons a man can get ED and doing more research on Wikipedia is a good start, anything from Diabetes to Hypertension can spark ED but only a mans doctor can tell him the exact cause.

Here are a few signs wives – girlfriends should look for:

Woman thinking about husbands ED

1) Lack of desire for sex:
Obviously the first one we will start out with is lack of sex, if your man puts of sex often enough to the point where he only wants it once a month, this could be a sign that it’s time to talk and a sign of psychological erectile dysfunction. He could be masturbating and getting erections by himself but when it comes down to the real thing guys can get nervous and this can destroy the erection.

2) Look for Morning Wood:
Many guys get erections during the night and mostly when waking up in the morning and it is not un-common to get them once to 3 times a week, guys call it morning wood. Most healthy men will get 100% hard erections during morning wood and others a 60%. Try looking to see if he gets a pitched tent in the morning, if you cannot find one for months then this could be another sign of ED.

3) Sensitive about the topic:
Sit down with your man and pick out a good movie that has a good sex scene. This is a good test to see what his reaction is, most guys surely get turned on especially if you pick a movie like “Wild Things” with dense Richards, this scene is loved by guys. Scenes like this can cause sexual tension and if the guys changes the subject, gets up to get some pop corn or any other distraction might be another sign he is trying to avoid it.

There are some other good things to watch out for and we will try to get as much feedback from men as possible to post in future blogging. The main purpose of this is to educate the ladies on ED and how it can affect your man. Do not approach your man directly with the question “Do you have a problem” instead of that try easing the question and hint at ways you can help.

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