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Treatment for psychological erectile dysfunction?

Last week we wrote about psychological erectile dysfunction and how one can tell if erectile dysfunction is psychological? Well allot of guys liked that post and it seems many men suffer from psychological impotence. So we are going to post a little more information on what might cause psychological ED and why allot of men are getting it and also how it can be treated by simple exercises or natural remedies.

man with psychological erectile dysfunction

So what actually does cause psychological erectile dysfunction?
Many factors can contribute to it, some of the main ones are stress and anxiety. If at a young age you start taking on responsibilities that cause tremendous stress and anxiety in your life this can amount to giving you psychological ed and your brain sends negative impulses to your penis which cause it to loose blood flow and create psychogenic impotence

Problems with your relationship:
In some occasions the problem has developed in your head due to your relationship with your wife, girlfriend or partner. Being in a relationship for a long time can be hard for a man but a bad relationship can be worse. This mixed with stress and anxiety affects your sexual performance and can also be called anxiety performance, which is out last point linked to psychological erectile dysfunction.

Performance Anxiety:
Will I do good? Will she think I am a loser? Will I come to quickly? Will she not be satisfied? These are all very common questions guys ask themselves before engaging in sexual acts. The main goal is to not concentrate on how well you will perform but on enjoying yourself. thinking to much of what might go wrong is the worse way to look at sex, train yourself to not think of any of those questions mentioned above and just be yourself and relax.

How can I get Treatment for psychological erectile dysfunction?
Well the best way is to train your mind to get nervous or anxious but no many men can do this. The best sugestion is trying natural remedies that will help you perform, horny goat weed is one of the best natural remedies for ED, Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali as well. Doing kegel penis exercises helps the pelvic muscles get stronger which can result in better erections and last but not least melatonin is a good natural stress reliever, try researching it for more information.

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