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Nutrition for erectile dysfunction is important

Tip of the week for all men suffering from a mild case of erectile dysfunction, put on hold all those thoughts of trying horny goat weed, seeing your doctor about Viagra and working on the kegel penis exercises. Try this for 2 weeks and it may help drastically improve your erectile dysfunction. The main question is what kind of foods should I eat to help my erections? Good question, we will be listing a couple of good foods you can eat to help your impotence. You will never guess that some of the most basic foods such as beans, nuts and watermelons can help give you as hard on.

nutrition foods

Before we give you a list of foods you should be eating to help , first make note of these foods that you should be avoiding:

1) Sugar (cut down on the chocolate bars and cokes)
2) Caffeine ( Try some green tea in the morning instead of your regular starbucks)
3) Junk food (yes that includes nachos, chips and McDonalds)
4) Fried and refined foods (No more Kentucky fried chicken)
5) Dairy (Try soy milk or rice milk with your cereal)

I know the above list is hard to avoid but you owe it to your lady to give her a good time. It will be hard but is cutting the above foods worth getting your erections back to show your woman who’s the man? You tell me!!!!

OK this is the list we have been waiting for, what should i be eating so I do not have to buy viagra anymore and get erection by myself. OK here goes:

1) The first key is to eat unprocessed foods and replace them with fresh foods
2) Go Fishing! yep get some cold water fish like tuna, salmon and sardines, these can be excellent for ED
3) Beans Nuts and berries. Buy some Brazil nuts, almonds, soy, normal beans and some good old fashion berries
4) Last but not least stock up on your veggies and fruits like watermelon.

I am sure that with the list of foods to eat you can put together a good diet to start eating for a few weeks and by the time its over you should be seeing some positive results. Stay tuned for another post on creating a good diet for attacking ED with the foods mention above.

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