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Is my erectile dysfunction is psychological

Ho can I tell if my erectile dysfunction is emotional? We get many questions like this one but mostly from younger guys who suffer erectile dysfunction. You have to keep in mind that ED can sometime be psychological and due to stress and anxiety in your life. When a man gets older it is very common to have erectile dysfunction but if you are still in your younger days you should not need medication like viagra. Here are a few ways to determine if your impotence is emotional:

  1. If you can get an erection while masturbating by yourself?
  2. If you can get an erection see a woman you really like and find sexual?
  3. Getting erection when you wake up in the morning also known as morning wood
  4. If you have wet dreams at night or dream about having sex and you have an erection during this dream.
  5. Can you get an erection with a lover but not with you partner

psychological erectile dysfunction

If you have answered with a yes to any of these question then it is very likely to have emotional erectile dysfunction. Treating emotional ED with meds like cialis is not the most recommended solution. Trying to deal first hand with these issues is best, herbal alternatives can also help allot, do research more meds like Herbal Zenerx.

So what causes Emotional ED? Well it can be many things but the biggest factor is stress, anxiety and unhappiness with your partner. there is a difference between love and lust, you can be in love with your partner but you may yearn for another woman sexually. Focusing on your performance is also a big issues it can become an obsession to preform and this can cause you not to preform at all for your partner. The bad part . The only solution is breaking the cycle. Look for our next post on breaking the cycle for more.

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