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Increasing number of young men ask for Viagra prescriptions

Young Men Becoming Addicted To Viagra to Keep up With Women

They are young, healthy, and leading active sex lives. What their dates, girlfriends, and wives do not know is that they are addicted to Viagra. Behind the scenes, spontaneous encounters are carefully planned out in advance. The attractive confidence hinges on chemical compounds. There is nothing physically wrong with them, but an increasing number of young men still cannot imagine sex without Viagra.

Sexual therapists and physicians report that an increasing number of young men are coming to them for Viagra prescriptions. Most of them may be in their 20s, but even boys in their teens are turning to doctors for prescriptions against an erectile dysfunction that does not exist. Dr. Robert Garafolo, who practices at the Children’s Memorial Hospital and heads the youth services at Howard Brown Health Center, regularly meets with teenage boys who want Viagra. "There is nothing wrong with them, so I hear a lot of stories about anxiety or (failed) behavior," says Dr. Garafolo.

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Apricus Is Making Progress With Vitaros in Switzerland

Apricus Is Working On Getting Vitaros Approved in Switzerland

The erectile dysfunction therapy that is promising to take the world by storm is slowly gaining headway in Europe. I am talking, of course, about the Vitaros, the topical cream that has been repeatedly making the headlines for the past year, but still has not found its way to the consumers. Now the developer, Apricus Biosciences, has announced some progresses in Switzerland.

Vitaros in Switzerland

Vitaros is a cream designed to be applied directly to the tip of the penis with a single-use applicator. The active ingredient of the cream, alprostadil, also known as PDE1, has been combined with specially developed high absorption molecules that allows the alprostadil to easily penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream. Because the cream uses an active ingredient different from such popular erectile dysfunction therapies as Viagra or Cialis it may very well be a good alternative for those who have had limited success with pills. It is also associated with fewer and less severe side-effects. The downside is that it must be stored in a refrigerator.

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ED in Young Men Caused by Internet Porn Can Be Treated

Online Porn Causing Young Men to Have Erectile Dysfunction but It’s Treatable!

The idea that pornography might be harmful to the viewer is a hard pill to swallow, but more and more studies are suggesting just that. Erectile dysfunction is rapidly becoming an ailment of the masses. Whereas a decade ago impotence was something older men struggled with, research shows that erectile dysfunction is now so common that men in their twenties think that an inability to perform sexually is perfectly normal. The common link is more often than not internet pornography.

man watching porn on his pc

The otherwise healthy young men seeking impotence treatment today come "from various cultures, with different levels of education, religiosity, attitudes, values, diets, marijuana use, and personalities" says Marnia Robinson, who recently presented a collection of studies on the topic online with Psychology Today. "They have only two things in common: heavy use of today’s Internet porn and increasing need for more extreme material. Read more…

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New Medication For Premature Ejaculation Called Zertane

Zertane Might Be The Only Medical Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

Studies show that, depending on the definition, between 2% and 23% of men are suffering from premature ejaculation. Adding insult to injury, a large number of those men also suffer from erectile dysfunction. To make matters worse, the only medical treatment available has long since been strong anti-depressants, like Prozak, and such drugs have serious side-effects, including an increased risk of suicide. That could all change, according to Ampio Pharmaceuticals.

pipeline zertane

Ampio Pharmaceuticals has been putting their drug Zertane through Phase III testing as a premature ejaculation treatment and it is now looking for local distributors to market the drug worldwide. Ampio themselves state of the drug that it “has an excellent safety record established during 30 years of human use.” In their Phase II testing, “no serious side-effects were caused by Zertane” and only rarely did men stop taking the drug for less serious side-effects.

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Where To Get Penile Implants & Inflatable Prosthesis For ED

Surgery For ED Promises Erections With Penile Implants

Treating erectile dysfunction can be a long and difficult process. Although popular erectile pills, such as Viagra and Cialis, help many men there are also many cases where they fail. It is a matter of personal chemistry and the causes of the dysfunction. Sometimes the nerves of the penis are so damaged there is no possible chemical aid – whether pills, creams or injections.

It is in these seemingly hopeless cases that penile implants excel. Even when the chemicals fail or provide unreliable results, surgery promises erections without fail. It is just a matter of getting over the stigma of needing surgery and fear of the knife. Many men will not even consider it.

surgery in the penis

“What many don’t realize is that the medications we see advertised so often don’t work for about 30 percent of men who try them, and far too many give up when the pills fail,” commented Dr. Craig Donatucci of Duke University Medical Center. Read more…

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