Should I Buy Viagra Cialis or Levitra online? 


Viagra - It is the first erectile dysfunction medication approved by the FDA and was release back in 1998. It is one of the best selling ED medications worldwide including Germany, the UK and USA. So what are some of the Pros and Cons about this medication?

(PRO) It usually works faster than its competitors and many men have confirmed very hard erections that last long enough to please your partner, but remember the viagra effects do not last all day, remember this before buying.
(CON) You cannot take this medication if you consume other medications that have nitrates in them, which mostly are meds that treat heart conditions and chest pains.

You can buy and find viagra at an online pharmacy but you need watch out for most of them, like ones that offer very cheap or even give you generic viagra samples or something similar, these are usually dangerous.

Cialis - Also known as Tadalafil was introduced second on the market and took everyone by surprise, it can last for up to 36hrs or even 2 days, yep much longer than any of the competitors and very popular in France. During an online cialis poll most men prefer it over it's competitors due to it lasting long enough for 3 goes.

(PRO) Some guys have reported this med giving them erections for up to 4 days and thats one of the main reasons they purchase it so they can go more than once or twice.
(CON) It can take longer than most to work, some men say it took several hours to take effect. A good tip would be to take it when you are on an empty stomach it seems to work faster this way

Depending on your location you can buy cialis from online pharmacies that are certified, these usually have contact information and extensive medical questions you have to fill out before obtaining approval.

Levitra - Last but not least, it was the third one to be launched and is very popular among men who suffer from diabetes. This med went live back in 2003 and became popular for its fast acting strong erections

(PRO) Many rumors state it works extremely fast and gives rock hard erections, there has been reports of it working in as fast as 10 minutes. It also is the best one for guys who have diabetes.
(CON) It's not the cheapest one out there and is know to be a little bit more expensive. To get a good price you have to reasearch the best place to buy levitra from and remember to compare.


Take your time and compare several options before you select a pharmacy or medication. Read reviews, see pricing and decide whether generics or brand is right for you.

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Brand Pharmacy Review and compare a brand online pharmacy, buy viagra, cialis, levitra online safely. Look for approved ones, which means these online pharmacies provide the prescription to you by their doctor. Compare prices and shipping in our comparison chart.

Herbal ED Pharmacy Compare natural herbal formulas to improve sexual health and strengthen erections when you are aroused.  Some are known to give you a harder, longer-lasting erection. They mostly come in a 1,2 or 3 month supply online. Non-prescription formula that is safe. Find out more in our herbal section in the right navigation bar

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